Cisco MGX XM60 Switching Module

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Cisco MGX XM60 Switching Module Chennai, Hyderabad

Key feattures :
The Cisco MGX-XM60 Switching Module has the following primary features:
Single-height card
60-Gbps nonblocking crosspoint switch fabric
Dynamic sharing of capacity across multiple Cisco XM-60s, allowing for N + 1 redundancy
Four installed in each Cisco MGX 8950 for 240-Gbps total capacity, 180-Gbps redundant capacity
Hot card insertion/removal
Complete separation from control processor, allowing data forwarding in the event of control card failure
Chassis compatibility
MGX 8950
Software compatibility
MGX S/W Releases supporting MGX-XM60:
MGX Rls 4.0.15 and above
Network management
Managed by Cisco WAN Manager Software suite
Based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Input power required: -48 VDC
Power consumption: 61 W
Physical dimensions
H x D: 7.25 x 16.5 in. (18.41 x 41.91 cm)
3.5 lb